Our Youth and Cultural Centre (MJC) in Puivert is one of the associations of Popular Education which works for the individual and collective emancipation of all. Our MJC is therefore open to all. We aim to develop the personality of each person in a friendly atmosphere, by developing openness to the collective, to the world, to ideas and to the senses, in order to become an active and responsible citizen of a living community.
In this, our MJC is fully in line with an educational approach. Our MJC is an association under the law of 1901. We operate with the contributions of our members, the municipal subsidy and other institutions. Our MJC’s associative project is defined and supported by our board of directors and implemented by our employee Daphne and our valuable volunteers. Our project defines our missions and our objectives as an actor in the animation of the territory and bearer of the values of popular education. These values are reflected in the implementation of all our activities, which take the form of workshops or courses in artistic, cultural or sporting activities. These practices aim to allow the development of each individual in the interest of the group. In parallel to the workshops, various forms of events can take place at the MJC: concerts, shows, convivial parties, solidarity actions… Being located in a rural area, our MJC is led to intervene in various fields, with different audiences. The functioning of our MJC depends on the commitment of our members. Each year, we report on our project during the ordinary general assembly in October and we submit our reports (moral, activity, financial, orientation) to the debate and vote of our members. Democracy is lived out on a daily basis, and our MJC’s mission is to run places of experimentation and social innovation that meet the expectations of the inhabitants. Our actions and services encourage responsibility and citizenship. Our actions towards and with young people are an important part of our mission, particularly through image education with our annual youth projects and film courses.

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sailing trips

Following the success of last year’s sailing trip, this year we are offering two days…

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