Taste festival

On October 22nd, the MJC of Puivert organized its Taste Festival, under the covered market of Puivert.

The principle is simple: all the people who wish to do so prepare and serve a dish that they have prepared … they have their own stand … the visitors pay an entrance fee (8 €), they are given a tray and they can go and taste what they like ….

We had set up and decorated large tables … We had 13 exhibitors cooks, including school children who had prepared dishes on the theme of witches (judge rather: ogres fingers, witches eyes, pizzaraignées, witch soup! ) … there was something for everyone and the creativity was there ….

And the public came in great numbers …. we recorded 110 entries …. which is a real success.

Musicians accompanied the public throughout the meal. Many raffles were held to brighten up the event … The prizes to be won were exclusively local and simple … pumpkins, jars of homemade jam, blanquette, apple juice and local honey … We had a good time …. at 1.30 pm, there was nothing left to eat …. and the public waited and stayed for the circus show which followed at 2.30 pm.

We were lucky enough to welcome Marie Mercadal, a founding member of the Cirq’Oblique company, to our village. She offered us her show …. A great moment of humour, trapeze acrobatics, poetry and emotion ….

We all left around 4pm with our eyes and stomachs filled … What a beautiful day!

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