Culture Pole

On May 7, thanks to the MJC’s Pôle Culturel, we went to the theater in Quillan to see a play entitled “Le rêve et la plainte” put on by Les Pierres de Gué. It was a completely original and surprising show. Funny and disturbing. A facade from the court of Louis XVI, topical content without

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Participate in the local newspaper of Puivert

Participate in the participative newspaper of Puivert “Te Luba Cunta” by sending your article / drawing before October 1st to journal2puivert@protonmail.comParticipate in the local newspaper of Puivert“Te Luba Cunta” is a 100% local and self-managed newspaper, supported by the MJC of Puivert. Join the volunteer team and take part in the life of the newspaper:

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