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22 June music festival

“Under the village halls of Puivert, the music festival organized by the MJC took on the air of a celebration. Tables and chairs were set up, as conviviality-lovers gathered and linked by the fantastic expression that is music. Music doesn’t discriminate, it accepts all audiences. It can be played, sung, listened to, danced to and

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puivert un petit village

Geological outing

Nature Pole of the MJC : GEOLOGICAL WALK in Puivert on JULY 12 landscape reading: easy loop up to the château, 3.5 km. Come and climb up to the foot of Puivert castle, to contemplate the Pyrenees that begin… there! This will be an opportunity to learn about the formation of the mountains, and to

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Culture Pole

On May 7, thanks to the MJC’s Pôle Culturel, we went to the theater in Quillan to see a play entitled “Le rêve et la plainte” put on by Les Pierres de Gué. It was a completely original and surprising show. Funny and disturbing. A facade from the court of Louis XVI, topical content without

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