2nd film of “Traces of Life”

Following the requests of the inhabitants for the realization of a second film, we propose a second part of the project ” Traces de Vie ” in Puivert, carried by the MJC, Traces de vie and KMM productions.

This second version invites us to take a slightly different journey into the world of village memories told by the elders. This time we propose to film a meeting between the young people of the MJC and/or the children of the primary school of Nebias with the elders as well as a filmed walk in the village, discovering the places of memories of the elders (the market halls, the castle, the chapel, the wash houses, the lake,?)

We also intend to digitise all the 16mm films of the carnivals of 1980 and 1981, and make this file accessible to all the inhabitants.

For the realization of this second part, we will use different funding platforms (calls for projects, free donations to the Mjc and participatory funding).

Here is the link to participate in the participative financing: https://www.helloasso.com/associations/maison-de-la-jeunesse-et-de-la-culture-puivert/collectes/traces-de-vie-a-puivert

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