Circus course from 24 to 28 October

All Saints’ holidays: Circus course . From October 24th to 28th.

Marie Mercadal, trapeze artist and professional dancer at the cirk’oblique ( offers you training courses in contemporary circus creation.

Two possibilities:

  • 10am – 12pm: parent-child creative workshops, allowing you to create together with your child and learn circus disciplines while listening to yourself and your child and vice versa.

The objectives are to be co-creators in order to share and go through physical propositions based on the notion of balance, address, distance, approach, lifts, Aerien and to go together towards the circus composition. And to acquire the necessary listening skills to improvise and compose together.

  • 2.30-4.30pm: learning times for children:

In these times the children will learn the fundamentals of the circus arts. Through the learning of different circus techniques, the children will work on their singularities, while working on their place and their artistic participation in the group.

From the singular learning to the plural creation, we will go towards the writing of a small show proposing them to live the experience of the stage.

65€ per week or 15€ per day + membership


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