Documentary on the Heritage of Puivert

A documentary on the heritage of the village of Puivert, where the children of the MJC Puivert went to discover the history of the castle, the museum of Quercorb and the troubadours is on line.

A project “C’est mon patrimoine”, supported by the Drac.

Children from 8 to 13 years old were able to ask questions to Arnaud Mignard, the lord of the castle of Puivert, about its history and for some of them it was the first time they discovered the castle.

They also went to the Quercorb museum where Gisèle Sabatier, museum assistant, and Myliame Lorain, museum mediator, talked about the troubadours, tools and way of life in the past.

There was also Maxence des oiseaux, elfico-musicologist, who spoke about flutes and played some music and Myliame did a trobairitz song.

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