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a departure and a new arrival

The MJC de Puivert, facing its salary situation for almost 2 years!!!!

A real soap opera full of twists and turns.

To replace our dear Daphné Daumand, who has been off sick for a year and a half, the MJC offered Vanessa Verganzones a fixed-term contract in April 2023.

Born in Puivert, she knows the local institutions and residents inside out, and it’s fair to say that she’s recognized and appreciated by the local population.
Vanessa has held this position for over 1 year, and has structured, reorganized and energized it … indeed, following the period that lasted 2 years, between Covid and confinement, between bans and teleworking…. It was necessary to take back the reins of our association.
After a period in which she did a fantastic job, Vanessa left to pursue new professional adventures.

All this, of course, while we await Daphné’s return, which could take place in September.

This almost 2-year experience has been a wonderful human adventure.

The Puivert MJC is fortunate to be surrounded by a great team, who know how to be there when needed.

Thank you and bravo to all.

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