Fest of Light: A great success

After many ups and downs due to the health situation and the procrastination of the municipality, and the authorisations from the municipality, the Fest of Light organised by the MJC of Puivert took place on 18 December.

Several preparatory workshops were conducted by local facilitators: making a large man out of straw and paper mache and making lanterns.

On the day, the volunteers were on hand to light up the path from the market to the lake with small candles.
the path from the market hall to the lake, the route of the lantern walk.
At 6pm, about 200 people were present.

The MJC distributed about a hundred lanterns and the joyful procession stretched along the procession stretched along the path.

The sky was with us … clear, cold and windless weather …. ideal!

At the lake, a huge fire was waiting for us …. and everyone was able to warm up before the distribution of 100 Chinese lanterns which we released into the sky, to the great delight of young and old.

Then, anyone who wished could write a little word, a wish, a thought on small papers
They were placed in the arms of the big straw man before setting him alight.

Then a large fire circle (12 metres in diameter) was lit on the edge of the lake, and the Puivert choir regaled us with a repertoire of world songs.
To finish the evening, a fire juggler enthralled us with her

A beautiful festival to celebrate the winter solstice, the return of light,
to warm and illuminate the hearts that were present.

Thank you to all the participants and bravo to the volunteers who made this event possible.
event possible.


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