Let’s create a bridge of songs between the 2 MJC

Here is the film about the beautiful song creation project with Davy Kilembe: “Let’s create a bridge of songs between the 2 MJC” initiated and coordinated by La Claranda.

A huge thank you to Kevin Major of KMM productions, the film maker of the MJC of Puivert, for this little gem which translates so well the beautiful energy which accompanied this project.

A huge thank you to La Claranda and the MJC du Razès for the beautiful work done together.

Thanks to Davy Kilembe for his kindness and talent.

Congratulations to Léna, Lilah, Dimitri, Emma, Romane, Chloé, Zoé, Esteban, Téliau, Tilio, Ayana, Lisa, Jules, Noria, Eléonore & Taïga for your creativity and your magnificent and emotional concert.

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