Enneagram and parenting training

On Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th July, the MJC of Puivert offered a free training course: “Enneagram and Parenthood” as part of its new CAF approval: Espace de Vie Sociale (EVS).
Eight people took part in these two rich and human days, on the fascinating subject of the Enneagram, allowing the parents and grandparents present to leave with real keys to situate themselves in their lives and to move towards adapted behaviours in the precise case of the education of children.
Ludovic Luissier, the speaker, was a real source of information while demonstrating a benevolent and present ear for the group.
The group was able to express themselves freely on their life and parenting experiences, in front of this clear, available, pedagogical and patient trainer, who knew how to answer the different requests with precision and who proposed numerous examples.
Each person had the opportunity to learn more about themselves and their children or grandchildren, allowing them to consider avenues of exploration in their relationship with themselves and their family.
This workshop provided avenues to better understand behaviours, needs and expectations, and thus to promote their own development and that of those around them.
They had the opportunity to become aware of certain obstacles to the relationship to be avoided and the behaviours to be favoured in order to interact better on a daily basis.
This workshop took place in a good atmosphere, with many exchanges between Ludovic and the participants, a good compromise between theory and practice.
Two very lively and instructive days.
Several 2-hour workshops will be offered to those present during the training, starting in September, in order to deepen and integrate the information gathered through regular exchanges.

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