Show “Between 2 Worlds”.

The MJC of Puivert was lucky enough to receive the show “Entre 2 Mondes” by the company of the Theatre of the Earth.
The theatre caravan goes from village to village, reviving the tradition of Molière. It came to illuminate the lake of Puivert on Friday 24th June.
This show, which took more than a year to prepare, illustrates the story of a family tribe, a little shaky, struggling with its contradictions and dreams, which sets off on the road in a caravan and, in so doing, embarks on the creation of a play.
It is an opportunity to evoke all the themes raised by the crisis we have been through and also a great cry for love and a call for change.
The trailer of the Théâtre de la Terre, an important element of the show, serves as a backdrop, a backstage set and a playground for this family reconstituted between two worlds.
More than fifty spectators took great pleasure in discovering this magnificent artistic team: actor, clown, musician, director, circus artist… questioning globalisation, capitalism, consumer society, health, the place of technology, the place of the citizen and that of the human being in nature…
A time of sharing with the audience was organised at the end of the show to end the evening in a friendly atmosphere.
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