Last Board of Directors meeting before the summer holidays

The Board of Directors of the MJC de Puivert, the main management body of the association, met in July to review the past year.
This meeting was an opportunity to take stock of the much appreciated and invested Parties which were proposed this year: Light Party, Spring Party and Neighbours’ Party, Music Party, Short Film Party.
And also to congratulate Kévin Major, the MJC’s film instructor, for his short film/documentary on the initiatives of the Haute Vallée de l’Aude, “De Mains Locales“, made with the young people of the MJC as part of the Projet Jeunes 2022, and the magnificent Traces de Vie project, imagined and initiated by Diane Sergent, which were resounding successes!
Not forgetting the Enneagram and Parenthood workshop offered as part of the MJC’s new accreditation as a Social Life Space.
This year was also very rich with the cross-country skiing trip to the Col du Chioula and the kayaking trip offered free of charge by the MJC thanks to the help of the Department and its Plein Air programme.
The MJC of Puivert is also still a relay point for the association La Trame for carpooling, so don’t hesitate to make an appointment to register as a driver or passenger or to come and buy your Tickets Trame to pay for your trips.
To finish, the MJC of Puivert thanks its partners, in particular the toy library of Montazels for the game evenings proposed in Puivert thanks to their animator and the great and moving project “let’s create a bridge of songs between the 2 MJC” in partnership with the Claranda and the MJC of Belvèze.
The MJC Board was able to start thinking about the next events that they will have the pleasure of proposing and organising thanks to the participation of the inhabitants of Puivert from September 2022.
The assisted contract of our employee, Daphné, will end on 31 July 2022, and we are pleased to announce that she will sign a permanent contract with the association from 1 August, thanks to the co-financing of the CAF, the Communauté de Commune des PA, the Département de l’Aude and the MJC of Puivert.
The year 2022-2023 promises to be rich and beautiful with many projects. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a project or if you want to offer courses during the holidays or weekly activities!
Happy holidays to all. And don’t hesitate to subscribe to our new website to receive our news in real time.

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