Neighbours’ Party and Screening of “Traces of Life”

Saturday 21 May was a memorable day for the inhabitants of Puivert … memorable because it focused on the past, on the living memory of our elders ….. we had the joy and privilege of attending the first screening of the film “Traces de vie”.

This film was born in the head and heart of Diane Sergent, psychologist, and directed by Kevin Major, filmmaker at KMM productions.

It is a series of interviews with the elders of Puivert, whose ages vary between 70 and 100 years.
They tell their stories, their past lives, anecdotes, their childhood, life in the village, the changes and transformations of their daily lives over time ….

This very moving film, full of humour and nostalgia, is a true hymn to life, to solidarity, to mutual aid and to a way of life that is now definitively over.
We get a glimpse of a simple and rough life, where the inhabitants saw each other, talked to each other, shared their joys and sorrows …. before the arrival of television!

2 screenings took place on 21 May, and each time, the hall of the Puivert town hall was full of people of all ages (and the lady who is 100 years old was present!) …. following the screenings, many questions, reflections and interventions took place in the hall, and it can be said that nobody remained indifferent to this magnificent film.

This film is a testimony, a trace of the past that splashes on our present, and which will remain, I am sure, in all memories.

Film available on Youtube 

Between the two screenings, the MJC of Puivert had organised a Neighbours’ Party. We had set up large tables with flowers under the covered market.

About fifty people came to share their food and their good mood. We ate and shared together, accompanied by Carl and Johannes, two local musicians who regaled us with their music.

All in all, a very nice day, as we like them at the MJC of Puivert, rich in sharing, in emotions, where the happiness of living together is put forward.

Thanks to all the volunteers and all those who contributed to this day.

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