Thank you to our valued volunteers

The MJC of Puivert would like to thank all its volunteers who, before, during and after the Spring Festival, made it possible to ensure a wonderful event appreciated by all!

Thank you to all you kind-hearted people who gave your time and energy for the benefit of our community!

Whether it is the people who lend us a hand at our events in general or the members of the MJC’s board of directors, we could not be so successful without you, our precious volunteers. Thanks to your commitment and collaboration, we can proudly pursue our missions and projects!

Without you, our activities would not be possible!

Therefore, we would like to take the opportunity of this Spring Festival to sincerely thank you, dear volunteers, for your support and your many contributions.

 Thank you for your good mood, your smile, your vitality, your involvement and your dedication to our MJC.



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